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Thursday, November 18, 2010


(Dedicated to all the moms and dads abandoned in a nursing home)

We wandered far
To feed your hunger
We dug deeper
To quench your thirst

You were always looking up
Towards the shiny light
As if embarrassed,
by our mud stained faces

We watched you grow
One leaf at a time
We held you together
In every storm of your life

When we get old
Do not break us off
Let us die on your lap
Under the shade of love

Sunday, November 14, 2010


A lover’s hope shines so bright
When ever our eyes meet
Thoughts travel faster than light
Oh! Waiting for love is so sweet

In her eyes I saw my reflection
Trying in vain to hide a smile
When I am in love’s perception
Nothing is important for a while

For love, I put everything aside
To hold the glory of the moment
When she is lying beside
Nothing more to comment

If love is still a deadly poison
I am willing to be a martyr

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Fall

The cold and indifferent river,
ran deep under the bridge
The mild and confused heart,
stood with one leg over the railing.

a jump is like birth
to let go of the vantage point
to struggle with unfamiliar currents
to keep the head above water.

I put the other leg over the railing
No burning bushes in my river
Nor any lamb to sacrifice
I am on my own

If I swim against the currents,
Will I drown knowing that I tried?
If I let the currents take me,
Where will it deposit me?

A careless wind slapped my face
Jolting me from the sinking feeling
I took a deep breath,
and lurched

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Agony & Ecstasy

If hope is like the rays of sun,
my mind is the turning earth.
One half embraces the light,
rest is buried in darkness.

If hope is a lovely forest,
my mind is a tree.
Leaves swinging with life,
roots dying under the mud.

If hope is a charming lover
I am in and out of favor
Enchanting with a smile
Discarding with a smirk

If hope is a flagpole,
my mind is half mast
Reluctant hands of fate
hold me in purgatory

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meera's Pain

(This poem is inspired by a sincere post from a fellow blogger)

A broken promise stings,
more than a mother’s curse.
Stony heart crippled my wings
Storming my life’s course

Unfed nerves did not fail
To spread the loss evenly
From my silent wail,
a twisted sound got away,
trying to form the words,
come back to me.. my dearest…

Numbness knows not to blame
May god bless you, dear one…
With health and prudence,
To not leave, any one else behind.


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