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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

close your eyes

how sure are you?
when you close your eyes to sleep
how vulnerable are you?
when you hold your lover's hand

to dream without waking up
is what eternal sleep offers
why do we open our eyes
only to die another day

if our ends are similar
why care about our differences
when everything is said and done
we do things; to sleep well.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Content Torture

Have you ever been tortured by content generated for mass entertainment. Earlier it was the radio’s job. I am talking about the likely scenario of walking into a shop to buy something important all the while listening to the person or program you hate the most. Now with the onslaught of mass media and giant displays the torture has been given a whole new dimension.

Most of this torture occurs in hair saloons, gyms, and cafes where it is rude to tell them to switch the damn thing off where as in other places like shopping malls you have no control over what will assault your senses.

Another instance of the torture happens when you make a visit to a friend’s or relatives’ house and you are forced to watch that horrible reality show or that dreadful anchor, who doesn’t have a clue about what he/she is talking. One should rather grin and bear it than insult a relatives’ rather awful taste of entertainment

I believe a lot of people suffer silently through these kinds of tortures of intelligence and sense of humor every day. People are note aware that these kind of incompetent content are often made to fool the below average person and it deprives them of their valuable time and in some cases money (the horrific sms system in reality shows)

To some extent the internet is a blessing in which it taught people to choose what they want to see and hear. But still many torture spots are just waiting offline for you buddy.


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