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Monday, April 26, 2010

The train I never caught

The journey is lauded as exotic
Existing route to happiness
A place most visited
I bought a ticket too

The faces I will meet
The food I will share
The laugh I will cause
The love I will spread

I packed in a hurry
On my way to station
I came across a robin’s nest
Fallen from comfort

I walked past the nest
A cry pierced my heart
I could not, I will not
I have a train to catch

I spotted the mother robin
A mannequin of helplessness,
hanging on to a branch
What a terrible nest you made?

I picked the nest up
Three blue eggs, not a scratch
I looked at the robin
You do know how to weave

I climbed the robin’s tree
She flew higher to a wide branch
And tapped it with her beak
I placed the nest there

I ran to the station
Waving the ticket at no one
I was 25 minutes late
The train had left

I will not see happy faces
The food will get cold
The laughter will not be heard
The love will not be seen

I sat down near a pillar
I thought about the three lives,
inside the blue shell
I smiled..


JITHAN said...

I already boarded the train, it seems...

If silence has thousands of meaning, i wanna to be silent.......What to say Source Bound, simply awesome!

Anya said...


Awesome :))))
You are a great poet .....


anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
Good Evening!
The Train That Can Be Caught
The poem is so touching filled with love,care,concern and sacrifice.
You gave shelter and care,
To the three eggs of Robins,
You gave song to the Mother,
So that she sings it for her babies.
That is really great,
Giving life long satisfaction!
Trains do come and go!
For giving dreams and abundant pleasures,
Removing fears of your heart,
Chanting the prayers the Robins are with you,
Then,friend,there is the train,
That you can still catch!:)
A beautiful journey awaits you,
Better than what you missed!
Wishing you a wonderful night,

Sourcebound said...

@ Jithan

Now that you have boarded the train, I say you move around and live the second stanza.

Sourcebound said...

@ Anupama

Thank you, the song of the robins! wow i see a thread for a poem.

All of us have our own songs

The train is a once in a lifetime journey my friend. In this platform a second train hardly comes.

But then again an optimistic friend can't do any harm right

Ana_treek said...

Hey! very nicely woven, I mean the poem:)

Sourcebound said...

@ Ana_treek

Thank you

are you weaving any? i mean poem :)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful poem. :) Enjoyed reading it.

Sourcebound said...

@ chandrika shubham

Thank you, i try my best not to disappoint intelligent people

Readers Dais said...


Someone who lends their ears to a cry,will travel through a path of joy that cannot be replaced by any exotic place or delicious food on earth....blessed are they....

Sourcebound said...

@ Readers Dias,



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