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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Arranged Torture

India is a land of arranged marriages. Most of them are set into motion for financial gains and some are arranged to get rid of the girl. Some with the permission of the bride and some without. A majority are done in the name that the girl will straighten the guy out and make him a good person. This, my friends, is the most ridiculous excuse I have ever come across for an arranged marriage.

The first day of a hastily arranged marriage often starts with the poor woman gaping at the erected manhood and cowering in the bed. The only difference between arranged marriage and rape is that the former is approved by the society and her parents. How many women in India silently suffer because her parents and relatives ‘knew’ what is best for her? How many of them started the most important day in their life half heartedly. If two people who are in no way compatible with each other is simply going on because each one is afraid in his/ her own way what the others will think if they divorce or run away, Is society’s way of setting up marriages a good thing then? 

The marital counseling is a farce; the only thing they are concerned about is the religious propaganda of that particular religion which conducts the counseling. The candidates are drilled to abide by the laws of that religion and raise their young in the same way.

Talking about young ones, It is a pre requisite in India to produce an offspring within one year of the wedding or at least make the girl pregnant in one year or else, one will be bombarded with questions regarding the reproductive capability of the concerned. Most often it’s the woman who is subjected to such rude remarks. Of course, it is a taboo to doubt the man’s ability in a patriarchal society. So the fault is always with the woman. How convenient!

Once the children are born then all the frustration in a failed marriage is blamed on one thing ‘for the sake of the children’.

PS: recently I came across an advertisement of one of the famous matrimonial sites of India which explicitly told me to come and increase your chance in the marriage ‘market’. Well that’s exactly what it is, a market where men and women are exchanged.


Dr Roshan R said...

excellent post.. right on the money.. agree with every point

Anonymous said...

my daugther took part in a speech contest and her topic was the cirus called arranged marriage
enjoyed reading it

in many marriages the sex part doesnt involve love but it is just plain and simple sex and sorry to say but most men think it is their birth right to have physical relation with the wife. it is legal rape


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