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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Longing...

She came to a sudden halt
After running for answers
Staring at the moment’s fault
The rain drowned her whispers

I saw my fear in her eyes
The question lay in our midst
When a part of something dies
Nothing will justify the twist

Her eyes spoke not to leave
Her face a fracture of concern
Like martyrs to time’s weave
We fell apart never to return

Adventures in love we created
Became memories I dread to visit
Debris of a love knowingly defeated
Floats around which I can not resist


anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
Good Morning!
Longing is a beautiful feeling.The poem is really touching.
After the showers,let us hope,the whispers will be heard,if at all the listener has enough time!:)
The picture is apt and beautiful!
There is a hope somewhere,miracles do happen.
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

Anonymous said...

just wonderful.last lines reflects the pain in such a heart touching manner
memories are sharp reminders of the time passed by.

Anya said...

Wonderful touching poem :))
Thanks for sharing
its really beautiful ....

Enjoy your weekend
greetings Anya :)

william said...

very nice poem indeed, soft, melodic, well written...

Sourcebound said...

@ William

Thank you very much, glad that you loved it

Sourcebound said...

@ Anupama

Thank you, yes miracles do happen

Sourcebound said...

@ Anju Gandhi

The debris has sunk to the bottom, lets hope nobody goes to get the wreck and the treasure.

Sourcebound said...


Thank you Anya


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