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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beauty’s hide

For centuries they tried to define
A thing so pleasing in many ways
Many gave explanations so fine
Still we look and wonder for days

It can be a smile of deception
To hide what is so clear
Seeking the path of self destruction
We follow a sound we cannot hear

It can be a sight of inspiration
To lead us out of our shell;
revealed in a time of desperation
To show we are not in hell.

A gift from heaven, we believe
A dark shade here and there,
reminds us we must leave;
Everything behind here

Monday, February 11, 2008

long time no see

its force is hard to bear
so we keep it away.
things we failed to hear
creeps up in an unusual way.

moments we shared,
time that was lost;
everything we cared,
comes around at last.

like the fog that refuses to dissolve
like that hound that follows the scent
it haunts us without any resolve
skeletons of our present

a mixture of hope and pain
served after so long
will hit us like a train
shows us where we belong

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A kiss full of Fang

When Apollo takes a break
The disguised hunt is on
Wind carries their shriek
drowning the prey’s moan

Their charm is a game
love is pleasure they say
to satisfy the flame
with life one must pay

Dancing around in ecstasy
Seeking to overcome fate
When faces search for fantasy
Revelation comes late

These legends of dark
Drink us inside out.
left to carry their mark
we turn from our root.

Meta Poem

Is it charged emotions?
from the purest realms of heart.
Many find it as their solutions,
to climb from the deepest hurt.

A gentle breeze in the darkest hour!
That narrow trail in the thickest maze!
Often the plea of the jilted lover,
finding solace in its gaze.

Meanings crouching for the kill,
becomes phantoms in different eyes
Intentions mixed with skill
which is the beauty of all lies

Is it a gift or a curse?
to touch the soul this close.

Vows of silence

If words can talk,
they will cry out
About the lies that stalk,
inside the heart’s hideout.

The vows of true love,
Often fall on blind ears.
no intervention from above,
to save it from hidden fears.

Screaming silence can pierce,
even the walls of a fortress.
coldness of which is so fierce,
there will be nothing but distress.

a loving heart has known every pain,
Yet finds itself surrounded by ignorance.

Wish me luck!

Found her in a pile of dreams,
Scattered images of a free mind.
Her words got drowned in her screams
Still I believed that she is one of a kind.

I called her name in vain
Bianca my love! Don’t you hide anymore!
There is a heaven to gain,
from the love that you ignore.

O my dream! Don’t you quit on me,
leaving me in a suspended lift.
Wish me luck to hold it in my eye,
a glimpse of things to come, as your gift.


There is a place everyone seek
When matters get out of hand
The options often make us sick
Till we become one with sand

The valleys there are deep
The hills are too high
The promise is ours to keep
No more recurring sigh

The weak trembles in its presence
Terrified of being cast away
The mighty feels the essence
Of having it their own way

Those who dare to leave the stakes
has got nothing to surrender
The difference is all it takes 
To alter our destiny for ever


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