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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Meta Poem

Is it charged emotions?
from the purest realms of heart.
Many find it as their solutions,
to climb from the deepest hurt.

A gentle breeze in the darkest hour!
That narrow trail in the thickest maze!
Often the plea of the jilted lover,
finding solace in its gaze.

Meanings crouching for the kill,
becomes phantoms in different eyes
Intentions mixed with skill
which is the beauty of all lies

Is it a gift or a curse?
to touch the soul this close.

1 comment:

wanderer said...

A poem that speak
A poem that breathes
A poem that sleeps
and the poem that
wakes up each morning-
is called human being.
I can see
the outline
but the face
is still beyond
My perception.

great read-subtle, yet mesmerizing.



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