World Cup 2010

"aren't we all seeking the source?"

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Monday, July 26, 2010



(Inspired by the Documentary 'Collapse' click the picture to launch trailer)

Oceans feed on land
Earth shudders often
Floods took our homes
People move here and there

Center was silent,
About the storm.
Sheep were scattered
Like ashes in a wind.

Chaos bared its teeth
Food, a calculation
Shelter, a shared nightmare
Water turned wine

Sins of our fathers
Paying a late visit
No, we reached here
The dividend of greed

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear God...

(This poem was inspired by the movie 'Lourdes')

Why did you choose me?
To carry your light
Who spoke in my dream?
To fold my bed and walk

How do you shower your love?
Does it fall like the rain?
On the faithful and faithless alike
Drenching the rich and poor

Is it like lightning then?
Picking a random subject
A cripple like me
Never counted your blessings

I don’t live by your rules
Will I be damned?
What is a normal life?
If everyone is unique


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