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Monday, March 29, 2010

A girl Thing

She chases a butterfly like an elusive dream
All roses get her touch and kiss
In moments of joy she never muffles a scream
As a child she lives in a lovely bliss

In matters of heart she is not so sure
When love finds her she waves him away
She turns down desires which were so pure
Blindly believing she will be free every day

The wedding bell rings to strike a deal
To please her mate she plays along
She learns scars take time to heal
Never so confused as where she belong

She gets new pair of eyes as a mother
Years mock at her beauty as they pass
She feels being changed forever
Yet she yearns for that child she was


Cyrus Rumi said...

Very beautiful and thought provoking words...:)

Have a great day!


Lydia said...

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Sourcebound said...

Thank You Lydia, I checked the website out, but i don't think i can afford it besides i don't need an income from the blog.

anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
Lovely lines and expressed so well.
A girl is always there even in a grown up lady;true!
But what about men?
Do they pretend they are matured and grown up?
the boy is missing when they add years to life?
The girl's photo is cool.
Wishing you a lovely night,

Jzt 4 me... said...

A very nice statement out of any woman's life...

I could see myself in those words...Especially, bcoz just today I was talking to my colleague about my wish IF I COULD GO BACK and start life afresh...uhmmm

Btw, thanks for ur comments in my post about my dad...They were quite inspiring...

Sourcebound said...

@ Jzt 4 me

Thank you. coincidence do happen

I am glad that you found my comment inspiring.

if you like putting the link of your blog why not make it hyper link i can help u with that. people are too lazy to copy and paste it on address bars lol


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