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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Save the Chicks!

(This post is a direct reply to Anupama’s post here. I am forced to write this because the blogger has enabled moderation of comments and publishes only the ones which agrees with her post)
I just like this blogger who goes by the name Anupama for always coming up with creative challenges in her posts which evokes a non agreement stand from my side. Having said that lets us analyze why a sparrow is loved more than a chicken. Chicken is a bird too so is duck. Wait a minute! They are soo tasty aren’t they? Yup! The same ones. Why are they not loved as birds and more loved as roast or grilled. Needless to say I firmly believe that maybe the blogger and those who commented on Anupama’s post may never have eaten a bird in any form but I am sure that at least they have witnessed willingly or unwillingly a chicken taking its last breath to decorate someone’s dining table at some point in their life. In fact there are more chicken in the world than all the birds combined. If what is shown in this documentary is to be believed then some are even born and die without ever seeing the light. Why do people go ga ga over one bird and refuse to see the plight of another? May be its human nature to see what we want to see or hear and sideline the other issues which is in direct conflict with our existence. Maybe it’s because a fried sparrow is awful when compared to a fried chicken. If we don’t discriminate chicken and don’t see the chicken steak instead of their over fed obese body which happen to have a pair of sad (put me out of my misery look) eyes, then how can we eat them.

Chicken makes beautiful sounds too; I believe they are indeed a match for the cacophony that these sparrows make. It was always fun to watch how a traditional chicken (not the factory produced broiler ones) raises its young ones and one thing I have great respect is the way the mother chases the kids away once they have reached a certain age to find their own version of the truth. She chases them away to realize their own potential unlike us humans. We like to keep our children close and under our own rule and command no matter what age they are. We humans unlike chickens insist that they should turn out the way we want them to be. Ain’t the chickens having a more liberal society than ours?

I say damn those NGOs. How come they don’t see the case of a sad, oppressed and suppressed chicken? The chicks need a day of their own for enduring the pain of their own over grown bodies on their weak legs, for just being born for us to bite on that breast, for lining up without a fight to be slaughtered. Let’s remember, all the chickens we ate collectively and the one we are going to fry in our collective ovens in the future, on that day.

Moral of the Post: Treat a bird as what it is, a frigging bird, otherwise respect all birds irrespective of their nature and how they taste when cooked. I am reminded of a line from George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ – “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"


anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
Good Evening!
Thanks a bunch for your reply post to me.
I want to correct your statement I publsih only the comments agree with.In that case I should not have published your two comments for my earlier post which do not agree with my points.Only the third one was not published as sincerely yours is a peaceful site where arguements and quarrels take back seat.
Did I ever say anywhere sparrows are better than chickens?Read the post carefully before analysing.
The World House Sparrow Day was celebrated by Eco Task Force[ETF]Members in collaboration with Bombay Natural History Society[Mumbai],Cornel Lab Of Ornithology[US],Eco-Sys Action Foundation[France],Avon Wild Life Trust[UK]and many more national and international organisations acroos the world.This Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the decline of the common house sparrow
and to throw light on the problems faced by the sparrows for survival.
In India,Mohammed Dilawar Of India's Nature Forever Society is heading the awareness programme.He is working for the return of the winged beauty back everywhere.
Yaar,these birds are disappearing slowly.
I wish if he reads your post.
I am really happy that I could inspire you to be creative!:)
Hey,you like the blogger;but you disagreee with her posts.How come?
I believe in 'Live and let live'.
I did my share of bringing out the awareness in loving and taking care of God's wonderful creations.
''The key to everything is patience.You get the chickenby hatching the egg,not by smashing it''.
And for your information,your comment to my post on sparrows is published.:)
''We live in a wonderful universe in which everyone and everything gives.The trees give,the rivers give,the earth gives,the sun,the moon,the stars give.Why then must we be anxious only to take,to amass,to gather,to hoard?''
Swami Chinmayananda
By the when you eat teh meat,did you ever think,you can't give life back to the silent creatures?
Wishing you a bright future where prosperity and beauty of the green earth awaits you!Spare the birds!You will be blessed.

jomy said...

da anoop...pls dont quot orwells animal farm 4 dis argument 4 d sake of argument.... 'animal farm' was written in a much serious sense agnst d stalinist tyranny... pls undrstnd d seriousness of a litrary piece dear...

അച്ചൂസ് said...

When I saw that this is a reply to another post, I became curious. We don’t see reply posts often in the blogosphere. I thought it is wise to see what she has written first. When I read your post after reading that I clearly understood what you meant. To be honest, I really think that those who read her post must definitely read your post too.

Anupama’s post sounds so much like a politicians’ speech disguised as environmental activism aimed at gathering public opinion and votes.
Why are those celebrating the sparrow day conveniently forgetting our poor chicken? It is a bird too right? A few decades’ back our beloved rooster functioned as an alarm for an ordinary person. The rooster with his wattles looks so mighty. Why are the environment activists not celebrating a day for chickens? Are they afraid that most of their favourite dishes might disappear from their menus?

Let me come back to the previous comment here. Anupama failed to understand what Anoop meant by this post. Maybe she doesn’t want to understand. It is clear from her comment that she didn’t read the post carefully. She was only interested in proving that sparrow day is a big thing. Ha..ha

Forget people like this… Anoop..!!, these people need a day to celebrate everything. – Valentine’s day, sparrow day, women’s day, men’s day... The list goes on…!!

Only god knows what all days are in store for us…!!


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