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Monday, March 22, 2010

why do people fear death?

A fellow blogger once asked me a question; why do people fear death?

Well I came up with this. (Thanks to carefully reading the three volumes of ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch, for enlightenment)

Let’s go to the beginning. Let us assume that what ever existed in the beginning is god. Let’s say that this being had the conceptual knowledge about everything I mean everything. 

Example- You know in your mind how it feels like to stand under a tree in the morning with your eyes closed and suddenly a dew drop fell from one of the leaves and burst on the tip of your nose.

You can feel the sudden chill of the dew drop in your mind theoretically but what if you have no practical experience of such an event? How terrible that must be? Alas! you just stumbled upon the motivation for god to create us and everything around us. 

Since many scientists argue that matter cannot be created and simply be transformed (something can only come from something else) so what if this intelligent being the alpha divided itself into two (we have sacrifice here!) and one half burst into billions of small lights (souls ? or big bang? your pick) and eventually evolved into us. We are all part of god. That spark is inside all of us living and non living. Through us god is experiencing everything it knew the good and bad, the smile and tears, love, hate, sacrifice, joy, fear, happiness and the bliss of life.

All of us tick and live for this and nothing else. There is no heaven and hell. Those who are aware of this truth (the masters) understood that, when they die, that spark of god inside them will rejoin the other half of god completing their cycle or purpose. You can call this nirvana or bliss or heaven. These people knew their purpose of creation and they are not afraid to die. They knew what is inside them.

Those who simply can’t figure out this truth are the ones who are living in hell; these are the ones who are afraid of death. They will have to take a lot of lives to realize this truth. So we have re-births after rebirth till they find out this truth.

You and I are a walking, talking and thinking examples of the beauty of experience. Through us god is relishing this experience.

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