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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear God...

(This poem was inspired by the movie 'Lourdes')

Why did you choose me?
To carry your light
Who spoke in my dream?
To fold my bed and walk

How do you shower your love?
Does it fall like the rain?
On the faithful and faithless alike
Drenching the rich and poor

Is it like lightning then?
Picking a random subject
A cripple like me
Never counted your blessings

I don’t live by your rules
Will I be damned?
What is a normal life?
If everyone is unique


anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
Good Evening!
This post is a change from the previous;I haven't seen the movie.But the theme is touching.
We forget how God showers His love!The love reaches us in the form of rains,sun,sea,waterfalls,birds,animals,smiles,friends,sincere words and so on........
Many questions have no answers.So start counting your blessings now.:)It's better late than never.
Surrender and in the silence,you receive the Love.God is love.
Wishing you a spiritual evening,

lakshmi said...

many questions...and most of them seem to have the answer in them ....

Sourcebound said...

@ Anupama

The movie is pretty slow but worth watching. if god is love then don't you think we should spread it rather than worship?

Sourcebound said...

@ Lakshmi

Thank you, its the questions that keep us going. some times we turn our back to answers.

Anonymous said...

God is a mixture of senses;
a sense of fear,a sense of respect,a sense of love..,a sense of imagination,a sense of hope...
moreover a sense of truth...
And it's this senses which make human lead life...
Atheists and agonists...?how do they live ..?u might doubt
But y do they live///?/

they see someone as God...That's y they r still alive..........

Anonymous said...

nice poem
touching lines...

there should be something to guide the universe...That's a truth.

with love and prayer,

Sourcebound said...

@ Neeya

Hi I agree with your theory of senses, nice thought and a good and applicable one too in these times of fanaticism,
But I don’t agree with ‘someone as God’ part, when you say someone you are asserting that it is a person.
I will say atheists and agnostics, they see something as God and that may not be the reason they are alive. May be some of them prefer music to god and say thanks.

Sourcebound said...

@ Anju

Thanks for visiting my site, I wanted to put a comment for your post about 'Love IN TIME OF CHOLERA'
I have the book and the movie with me. But some thing is holding me back from reading because i am sure it will take at least one month for me to get over the pain. so i thought i will first read the book and comment.

is it really necessary to have something to guide the universe. don't you think the thought arises from our desire to have control on our life and surroundings.


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