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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The living Lamp

I opened an unknown door
Darkness awaited me
I dared to venture far
Soon I lost my way

While I cursed my stupidity
A fire fly came flickering
In the glow of the living lamp
I felt for the source of power

I turned the lights on
A single ‘wow’ got away
A riot of colors
On every wall, every fabric

Blue ceiling is beyond reach
Fresh flowers in every pot
The walls are pulsating
With drawings that feel

I knelt there humbled
Holding the fire fly
Praising the moment
I opened the door


Anya said...

Wonderful lines written
you are a fantastic poet :-)
My compliments !!!!


Sourcebound said...

@ Anya

Thank you Anya, Lets spread some joy around!

Anonymous said...

i have always envied the people who can write in poetic language.
just one word


Ana_treek said...

Wow! nice poem:)

Ana_treek said...

Thnx 4 following me..check out ur followers;)

Sourcebound said...

@ Anju Gandhi

Thank you Anju. its never late to try, surprise yourself

Sourcebound said...

Thanks Ana_treek


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