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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wild Rose

For Some one who loves flowers...

Alone and cold stood the wild rose..
Bathed in the morning dew
So fortunate in your obscurity
Yet vulnerable in your beauty

Your radiance strikes at hatred
Every curve announces perfection
You know your smallness..
Yet proud in these dark woods

One glance is all it took
You are my wild rose..
You know nothing about love
But filled my heart with it


അച്ചൂസ് said...


anupama said...

Good Morning!
Thanks a lot for your birthday gift,dear friend.I'm really touched.The gift is exquisite,expressive and innovative!:)
A wild rose has the dark colour but it possesses less fragrance!THE ROSE looks so beautiful in your post.
''The woods are generally dark and deep''.
Thanking you once again for your thoughtful and caring gesture,
Wishing you wonderful weekend,

Jishad Cronic™ said...



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