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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who knocked?

While counting my mounting sorrows,
someone knocked on my mind’s door
Is it my charming lover melancholy?
Is it my probing friend named hope?

I would love to invite melancholy,
and be lost in her soothing embrace
Yet I would like a glimpse of hope,
whom I haven’t seen in years

Like wisdom waiting in front of,
the sacrificial chamber of beauty
I stood there without knowing,
who is more welcome…


lakshmi said...

oops the poem is missing in the buzz....embrace both I suppose

Sourcebound said...

@ lakshmi

oh its all about the choices we make, isn't it?

Amity said...

Cognizance is needed to know which is needed...but for me, I need them both... :)

Thanks for dropping by my site... :)

You should have posted your comment in the blog itself, and not through mail!


Sourcebound said...

@ amity

hi !

but i did post it in your post. if you have it can you sent it to my email? will post it again, thanks for coming by

anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
LIfe is not a bed of roses.sorrows and joys make the life complete.Let us accept whatever knocks on our door.
But then,Easter must have brought lots of hope and new dreams.
Cheer up!Spread happiness;it is not easy.
I'm only one;
But still I'm one.
I can not do everything
But still I can do something.
I willnot refuse to do
The something I can do!
Helen Keller
Wishing only hope and more hope,

Amity said...

hI, I DUNNO YOUR NAME...but here i have pasted your comment on my blog "Dad...You Are My Shining Star" u have mailed me .....


maybe it is letters like this which sets the world (oh we know whats wrong with it) straight. when you pour out such purest form of love into paper or into the world.

I can't help but believe that everything is not lost. Human Beings still stand a chance.

You were blessed to have a dad like that or maybe he was blessed to have a daughter like you.


Thanks again!

Jzt4me said...

Welsome anything and everything, anybody & everybody in...

As u see, either of them, if they had knocked ur door, that means they r there to come IN...u welcome then or not, they r gonna come in...Better u be courteous and sweet enough to welcome them both, so that they can make their visit and knock somebody else's door...

Did I confuse u...Anyways, I am confused...


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