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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Agony & Ecstasy

If hope is like the rays of sun,
my mind is the turning earth.
One half embraces the light,
rest is buried in darkness.

If hope is a lovely forest,
my mind is a tree.
Leaves swinging with life,
roots dying under the mud.

If hope is a charming lover
I am in and out of favor
Enchanting with a smile
Discarding with a smirk

If hope is a flagpole,
my mind is half mast
Reluctant hands of fate
hold me in purgatory


Aashi said...

nice :) the title...

Sourcebound said...

well thank you aashi, even though it was what i wanted to express, the title is a famous work by Irving Stone about Michelangelo

lakshmi said...

hope - a way of life

another nice piece from you Anoop

Sourcebound said...

Thank you Lakshmi, yeah hope (sighs).
in fact i first named it wounded hope but then changed the title.

ana said...

nice poem

Sourcebound said...

Thank You Ana


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