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Monday, April 12, 2010

Public Opinion and the Donkey

This post is a direct reply to Anju Gandhi' post here about the suffering people undergo in order to escape from the wrath of  'what will others think?

How I got over this syndrome is by reading a great story when i was a child.

A father and son were coming back from market after buying a donkey.
First they let the donkey walk beside them. One onlooker pointed out that they are crazy to not use the donkey to carry one of them.  Then the loving father put his son on top of the donkey and after walking some miles another person who came across said what a spoiled kid, children should not be pampered like this,  let the kid walk and learn the hardships of life.  So the humiliated father thought it’s better if he sits on the donkey.

After going some distance someone else pointed out to the father that he is stupid to not let the kid travel with him on the donkey. He pointed out that the donkey can carry them both. The father was ashamed why it never occurred to him. So he decided to carry the boy with him.

Half way home the donkey fell down and the father and son ended up carrying the donkey the rest of the way to home.

To those who listen to public opinion you will always have to carry your donkey sooner or later


anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
Good Evening!
This is alltime favourite story!But you know what,we are living in a society.It's natural to protect our safe images!
This is our India where people love to be the donkeys!
There is hardly any choice!
I loved the picture a lot!:)
Experience is the best teacher!
By the way,are you going to continue the new hobby of writing reply post?
Wishing you a beautiful,lovely night,

Anonymous said...

Thanx for mentioning my name in your post.
the story is age old one but it is true
the only thing is we all are social animals and live in society amongst relatives/friends and neighbours.
it requires immense guts, courage to ignore the society and do what the heart desires. although others are going to comment one way or other.


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