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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The 'D' Formation of Mallus

An average malayali irrespective of gender, when viewed from the side looks like a capital ‘D’ letter from their neck to waist (I am not forgetting that there are exceptions, but this is dedicated to the D people).  Is it because of our disregard for health or is it because of our obsession with rice.  A rice eating stomach can be spotted from a long distance.
‘Fill it up three times a day’ seems to be our motto without knowing that our stomach has to expand in order to break down the large intake of food. From our child hood we Keralites are constantly reminded of filling our bellies to the brim. I have seen my shares of mallu moms (only in well to do families) feeding their kids till they literally choke on their own food.
The arrival of Hormones stuffed Broiler Chicken was like pouring gasoline into a wild fire. Now the kids in Kerala think that chickens come in only one color ‘white’.  Chic kings & pizza huts are springing up in our home land – all you junk loving people out there the kingdom of junk food is at hand rejoice!
Have you ever seen the look of contempt on the face of an average mallu when they see people who go for jogging or people who goes to the gym to stay fit?
I am not even touching the topic about the part booze play in all this. When I overhear people reminding others about how fat they are getting (no, over hearing and asking about overweight is still not considered rude in Kerala, for your information) I always hear the classic reply especially from alcoholics who caress their belly and says “oh give me one week, I will reduce in no time”

1 comment:

JITHAN said...

well said source bound, even though i am also a part of D team....and, i used to hear such classic words from my friends too that its very easy to reduce the 'D' within no time. But....

anyway, its a nice post...


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