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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mercy Killing

If my pain is like a cave
I am buried deep inside
With nothing left to crave
Death was standing beside

They took my ring while I slept
The visitors looked at the floor
Nobody said bye when they left
No one cared to close the door

Paralyzed eye lids will not close
Staring at an indifferent world
I will die with my eyes open
I waited for them to pull the plug


Ana_treek said...

Life is unfair, isnt it?

raxit said...

I would never pull the plug. I can't let one I love go. I hear often that people pray god that take him, as they see him/her in pain. They pray that give easy death without pain.

I will never. I will keep trying. If there is god, and he is going to listen to you, than why pray for peaceful death instead of making person good?

Sourcebound said...

@ Ana Treek

well we try our best to make it fair, don't we?

Sourcebound said...

@ Raxit

Thank you for the comment. but if god listens to you then the person you love will never be in 'coma'

raxit said...

yes exactly. god doesn't listen because either he is just deaf and blind or he is just our wild imagination.

Readers Dais said...

not sure about a paralyzed state, whether we sleep or does the opened eye see death creeping in...
ive no idea, but defenitely for a person who loves, its never easy rather impossible to pull the plug...we even speak to photos share our dreams to nature assuming our nearones presence, then how will we ever let go the self that still has an open eyes....

YouTube said...


Sourcebound said...

@ Readers Dais

Difficult but what if the person wanted it?

DuDo said...

Hi anoop!!!

I was recommended to your page by anu. I loved most of your posts. It seems like your are a serious writer. Vivid topics!!!

Love to get back again.


Sourcebound said...

Thank you Dudo, appreciate it.

Glad you think them as vivid topics.

Pythoroshan said...

i was going through the comments here.. I know it sounds harsh, esp to raxit, but the truth is, I work in the ICU.. I see the cases you talk about so many times... and it is a suffering the patient doesn't deserve.. sometimes you have to let go, because just keeping the person on support praying for a miracle when their organs are failing them is a cruelty to them only.

Pythoroshan said...

i dont say its an easy decision... its the hardest thing u will ever do.. saying goodbye under such circumstances.. but sometimes its necessary

Sourcebound said...

Thank you Doc, I agree


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