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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

close your eyes

how sure are you?
when you close your eyes to sleep
how vulnerable are you?
when you hold your lover's hand

to dream without waking up
is what eternal sleep offers
why do we open our eyes
only to die another day

if our ends are similar
why care about our differences
when everything is said and done
we do things; to sleep well.


anupama said...

Dear Friend,
Good Morning!
End may be similar;but not the path.everything is not said and done.
To live a meaningful life,one should be positive in thoughts.cause a smile;it is difficult.
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

Sourcebound said...

hi anupama,

the last stanza was a positive one. it is because of the positive thoughts that you and me are writing all these things.

Netha Hussain said...

Looks like I should learn a lot form you..When it comes to writing poems, only negative aspects come to my mind. Loved your way of striking a positive note at the end..
Keep blogging..

srujana said...

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