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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What happened to love?

What happened to love? Or at least the native form of it? It seems like nowadays people cannot stand going through the pain of all those different phases, the first eye contact, the first thought, the enthusiasm, the fear of rejection and finally! the sheer joy of conquering something which eluded you all the time. Well, no one is interested anymore, can’t blame them though. Look at the hype created about modern life, if you are not fast then you will be left behind. But nobody knows how fast you can afford to go without any mishap, because just like any new technology or invention there isn’t a generation to tell us how will we end up if we lead a ‘faster than light’ life. So the question is, are we happy? Or are we pretending to be happy. Just because everyone else is doing the same thing doesn’t mean that it’s the ‘coolest thing’ around. How many of us take a little time to slowdown and think, ‘hey! What am I really doing?

Coming back to love, how many of us are willing to tolerate the demands of a genuine relationship rather than having a dozen futile walks on the wild side. Harmless flirting leads to harmless relationships which will most often directly result in successful divorces or breakups of the ‘concerned’ parties. Where are we headed?

The sheer uncertainty of a romantic relationship has been discarded for the ‘lets get it over with’ attitude. Where did the romance go? The sweet old romance in which flowers and understanding played equally important parts. Did it take a backseat? Are people really petrified now about the pain that comes with lost love? Which is sweeter? The memory of lost love or the eternal wastelands of our heart, where it never rains. The former one has a real charm to it. Shakespeare has known it and wrote about it. In this era of corporate marriages and pseudo scholarships who has time to read a poet who portrayed human emotions and relationships with a magnifying glass


Bliss said...

Grace and Peace

Love, I think may be found in the least likely place. You know, the place that we dare not peek our heads into. That place, you know, the place that we can no longer find. Being subdued by television and online searches of love...we are left with what we have. And what do we have...nothing.

Lakshmi Nandakumar said...

Love!!!!The word is very soon going to be extinct!!You will find it only in a dictionary perhaps!!!
people love others only for their own wants!!One can love others only if they are EVOLVED ENOUGH to a certain level where they do not expect anything in return!!And that is faaaaaar away,to Humans!!!
Still .on a happier tone...if you find ARE lucky!!


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