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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cloud 9

I killed my love with a sigh of relief
Never to be its slave anymore
To defy the current of togetherness
To be alone in a room of ones own

Freedom from the clutches of intimacy
Landed me at the altar of solitude
Release from the demands of love
Freed my desires from captivity

Fading memories cannot hurt
I felt as light as a feather
Bouncing from place to place
I set my course to the unknown


anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
Good Evening!
Really happy that you're back to blogosphere on an auspicious day like Vijayadashmi!
Blessed are those who have rooms of their own to live in solitude without getting hurt from the fading memories........
between one must know whether the love was love.......
It was easy to kill the love;but never kill your creativity.:)
You're blessed with words.A rare boon from the Goddess Of Learning.
Best wishes for a safe and happy journey on the unknown track....
Wishing you a life as light as the feather,

KParthasarathi said...

The choice of words is very nice capturing truly the spirit of the poem

lakshmi said...

love seems so painful.......
nice one Anoop..

quite a long took

Sourcebound said...

@ Lakshmi - pain is inherent in love sometimes to endure it and sometimes to nurture it

The break was not intentional. You speak like yodha in star wars

Sourcebound said...

@ KParthasarathi - Thank you so much,

Sourcebound said...

@ Anupama - You know very well that i don't care about auspicious days. Not my style. But thanks for letting me know. How can any one measure love?

Thank you for the wishes. All trails were an unknown track for the first traveler. i would rather be the first than follow someone.

anupama said...

Dear Anoop,
It is my style to follow the auspicious days.I do care a lot.
Love can be measured by words,expression of feelings,exchange of mails,making the absence felt as well as the presence,phone calls,chats,gifts,comments and what not!Again my way of measuring love!:)
You are always the first and the winner.Let others follow you.:)
It's going to rain andThrissur is cool.
wishing you all the very best,


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